Hello and welcome to Danca.tv

We are DanCa, an award-winning team of musicians and composers who create bespoke music and sound design for films, commercials, TV and events. As you can see from our CLIENT LIST we have provided music for some of the top brands and tv channels such as, Adidas, BMW, Fox, Audi, Bose and Sky.

We pride ourselves in the ability to combine the perfect sound with correct emotion for your brief and having a large network of talented instrumentalists, singers and producers, means we can create the perfect team for your production.

While we often work remotely, there is nothing remote about our approach and dedication to our craft. Our music may end up on a digital file but the emotion you will find there–often made more vibrant by the live instruments we use–serves our clients very well in bringing their audience and customers closer to their brand.

With our project Carolina Health Care System, for instance, we were composing and recording in two places at once – London and Milan – while working with production company 1st Ave Machine in New York. For our OSN project, by adding live instruments, such as piano and guitars to our high end sampled sounds, we were able to create a truly orchestral sound that delighted and astonished everyone who hear it – our contribution helped re-launch the biggest digital TV network in the Middle East and North Africa.

So now you’re here, we invite you to check out the rest of the DanCa website and listen to our work, then feel free to CONTACT US to discuss how we can create the perfect soundtrack for your production.

We look forward to working with you.